Haim Cohn : the trial of Jesus

http://JooTube.TV About the misconception that the Jewish leaders killed Jesus. While Christian teachings attributes Jesus' conviction and sentencing to the Sanhedrin, this member of the renewed Sanhedrin references Haim Cohn, a Justice of the Supreme Court of Israel, and a scholar of Jewish legal history , who offered a profound and respectful engagement of the Gospel narrative in his book "The Trial and Death of Jesus." Contrary to what the majority of scholars say, the Jewish people had no reason to oppose Jesus. Oppose him for what? Preaching Torah? Healing the sick? Teaching the love of God? Using information we possess from various scholarly sources concerning the law and procedures (both Jewish and Roman) pertaining at the time, Justice Cohn presented a searching forensic and historical analysis to create a legal, political and religious context of the events as they may really have happened. Justice Cohn's book details how the Jewish leaders attempted to save Jesus, and how no trial took place, rather a hearing to attempt to save him. There could not have been any trial in the Sanhedrin during the first night of Passover, and the session --if one was held as described-- could only have been held to save a life.